Rehabilitation Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand


  The RMSANZ is a membership driven, not for profit organisation which was initially formed to

  • maintain the professional identity of Rehabilitation Physicians;
  • advocate for our patients in a way that is flexible and allows us to maintain control;
  • preserve and build our external relationships with our allied health and nursing colleagues, with other bodies including governments and in the international rehabilitation arena; and
  • promote professional education. 

 Branches and Special Interest Groups

All the financial members of the Society residing in a particular State or Territory of Australia or New Zealand are considered to be members of the RMSANZ Branch that has been established for that area. To date the RMSANZ Board has established four branches: New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia / Northern Territory and Victoria / Tasmania.

The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are members of the Society with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology where members communicate, meet and organise events in order to share knowledge and expertise within their particular field. Since its formation in 2015, the RMSANZ has established four SIGS.

 How do I join one of the Special Interest Groups?

All RMSANZ Members are eligible to be members of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs). To join one of the SIGs go to the Contact Us page and send an expression of interest to the RMSANZ Administrative Officer listing the SIG(s) that you wish to join.