RMSANZ Board of Directors

The current board of directors as of the AGM held in 2021

Dr Steven Faux

Vice President

Dr Ben Chen


Dr Fary Khan

Board Member

Dr Zoe Adey-Wakeling


Dr Richard Seeman

Vice President

Dr Alex Ganora

Board Member

Dr Lee Laycock

Board Member

and Mr John Lemon

Company Secretary (external)

Dr Michael Chou

Immediate Past President

Dr Sumitha Gounden

Board Member

Dr David Murphy

Board Member

We wish to thank the following members for founding our society

Dr Saul Geffen                         Queensland                            Director         Dr Kong Goh                            Queensland                            Director

Dr Michael Chou                      Victoria                                   Director         Dr Jurriaan De Groot                New Zealand                         Interim Board Member

Dr Alex Ganora                         New South Wales                  President      Dr Peter Harradine                  New South Wales                  Treasurer

Dr Peter Anastassiadis             South Australia                     Director         Dr Peshotan (Pesi) Katrak      New South Wales                   Interim Board Member

Dr Clive Sun                              New South Wales                  Director         Dr Lee Laycock                        New South Wales                   Vice President