Aims & Objectives

  • to advance the practice of Rehabilitation Medicine;
  • to promote and advance the study of Rehabilitation Medicine;
  • to foster the highest standards of training, practice, teaching and research in the field of Rehabilitation Medicine;
  • to promote, improve, encourage and provide education or training in Rehabilitation Medicine by instituting and conducting courses of study for the benefit of those desiring to increase and improve their knowledge of Rehabilitation Medicine and related disciplines to the highest possible level;
  • to provide a forum for medical practitioners engaged in the practice of Rehabilitation Medicine and any of its special interests and related disciplines for the furtherance of standards of medical care and rehabilitation;
  • to liaise with the AFRM and the RACP and other relevant bodies regarding training, certification and recertification programs, and to advance the purpose of any concluded agreement or understanding, whether binding or non-binding, with the RACP or the AFRM (or any successor body) as varied from time to time;
  • from time to time, to liaise with and advise the AFRM (or any successor body) and the RACP and any of its boards and committees on matters concerning Rehabilitation Medicine;
  • to nominate from time to time representatives, selected by the Directors, to the AFRM and RACP and any other relevant bodies for membership of the STCs or any other committees of those bodies as deemed appropriate by the Directors;
  • to represent the views of Rehabilitation Physicians to other relevant bodies;
  • to maintain ongoing liaison with Federal and State Governments of Australia, the New Zealand Government and other relevant bodies to promote the development of healthcare and disability programs for people with disability;
  • To hold meetings for the discussion of clinical, academic, administrative, industrial and political subjects relating to Rehabilitation Medicine and related disciplines;
  • to establish Branches and regional committees, including but not restricted to State and New Zealand Branches and Special Interest Groups of the RMSANZ for the benefit of its Members and the furtherance of its objects;
  • to provide educational activities for its Members and for trainees in Rehabilitation Medicine of the AFRM and RACP and hold regular scientific meetings for its Members; to promote research into the field of Rehabilitation Medicine and disability and related areas;
  • to provide encouragement and support to Advanced Trainees during and after their period of training in Rehabilitation Medicine;
  • to endeavour to work together and in alliance with RACP and where practicable to create links with RACP to assist RACP in relation to matters of mutual interest to RACP and the RMSANZ; and
  • to do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.