All the financial members of the Society residing in a particular State or Territory of Australia or New Zealand are considered to be members of the RMSANZ Branch that has been established for that area. To date the RMSANZ Board has established five branches: New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia / Northern Territory, Victoria / Tasmania and Aotearoa New Zealand.

The key functions of the RMSANZ Branches include:

  • Provide advice to the Advisory Council in relation to Rehabilitation Medicine related issues within the region.
  • Develop and deliver local educational activities and resources to meet the needs of Rehabilitation Physicians and trainees, and other members of the rehabilitation team.
  • Support RMSANZ Members through the provision of a discussion forum for issues of mutual interest.
  • Provide advice to the RMSANZ Board to assist in the development of responses to enquiring agencies or position statements reflecting the views of Rehabilitation Physicians in the region as required.