About Us

About us

RMSANZ functions as an advocacy group for the rehabilitation profession, committed to improving the quality of care of persons with impairment and disability. The objectives of the society unite the membership with its diverse interests and many facets of rehabilitation towards a set of common goals. We seek to work closely with medical colleges, government, health organisations, international and national associations to improve and develop services for rehabilitation in the community.

We are a non profit company limited by guarantee in Australia and New Zealand, governed by a board of directors and a constitution. RMSANZ supports regional branches and special interest groups which have direct input to the board through an advisory council.

A major activity of RMSANZ is the conduct of annual scientific meetings and periodic workshops that explore special areas of interest in clinical practice and research.

Find out more about the benefits of membership and the activities of the Society by visiting this site in more detail as it continues to expand the range of information for members and other rehabilitation professionals.

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Establishment Working Group

The Establishment Working Group was formed in 2014 to work towards forming a society for rehabilitation medicine that would be a separate entity from the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (AFRM/RACP). The purpose for establishing a society and the development work of the working group are set out in this brief history of the establishment of the RMSANZ.

The RMSANZ Establishment Working Group was disbanded in December 2014 and its work was rolled over to the RMSANZ Board. On 23 February 2015 the RMSANZ became a registered Australian company listed on the ASIC database as a non profit company limited by guarantee.

The first event (Rehabilitation Snapshots 2015) was held in Sydney in June 2015 when the first annual general meeting (AGM) for the new members of the society was held.

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Bullying and Harassment: The RMSANZ fully endorses the policies as set out on the RACP website.