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ISPRM Congress 2024, in conjunction with 7th Annual Meeting of the Rehabilitation Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand

The 18th World Congress of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) will be a major event in Sydney, running from the 1st – 6th June 2024. It will be held in conjunction with the 7th Annual Meeting of the Rehabilitation Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand (RMSANZ).

The Congress will be a forum for the presentation of international research, discovery and innovation in rehabilitation medicine. Whilst the major subgroups of clinical endeavour in the field of rehabilitation medicine will be covered; the conference will have a focus on the three “T’s” (trauma, technology and timing).

  • Trauma will include motor vehicle accidents, domestic violence and the results of war and natural disasters
  • Technology will range from personal devices such as phones to robotics
  • Timing will explore topics such as rehabilitation, in-reach services and when rehabilitation should end.

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Background information

The Rehabilitation Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand (RMSANZ) provides high calibre continuing professional development programs for doctors and allied health professionals working in the specialty of Rehabilitation Medicine in Australia and New Zealand.
In order to promote the advancement of knowledge in the field of rehabilitation medicine, since 2016 the RMSANZ has been holding an annual conference as one of its major events. The first Annual Scientific Meeting of the RMSANZ was held in 2016 in Melbourne. The Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) is usually a national event held over three days for members of the Society, Fellows and Trainees of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFRM) and other interested parties including allied health professionals, but in some years combined meetings might be organised involving other related bodies, both national and international, such as AOSPRM and ISPRM.


RMSANZ Scientific Committee

One of the Objects of RMSANZ is to advance and promote research, education and training relevant to the practice of Rehabilitation Medicine, rehabilitation, disability and related areas; to liaise with AFRM/RACP, government, educational and research institutions and to oversee the planning and content of Scientific Meetings. This is implemented by an active Scientific Committee which meets regularly and is represented on ASM Organising Committees for each event.



Peter Disler Award: This prize is named for Peter Disler, Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Melbourne from 1993 because in his time at Melbourne he was a pioneer in developing a rehabilitation curriculum for medical students, and was a charismatic, enthusiastic and inspiring mentor and teacher. More information about the prize can be found here:
Prize: $400 and free registration to the following ASM. Awarded to the student who is regarded by all the members of the viva examining panel as having given the best answer to the Rehabilitation Medicine Prize question in the Aged Care Prize viva exam.
ASM E-Poster Prize: Awarded for the best poster by a trainee (or 'new' Fellow) at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Rehabilitation Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand (RMSANZ). The poster can be on any Rehabilitation Medicine related topic.
Norington Lecture: The Norington Lecture was established by AFRM(RACP) in 2003 to utilise the remaining IAHPR funds donated when IAHPR was disbanded. In 2017, responsibility for the Norington Lecture was transferred from AFRM (RACP) to RMSANZ. The Lecture commemorates the seminal contributions made by Dr. Brad Norington, the first President of the Australian College of Rehabilitation Medicine, to the multidisciplinary field of rehabilitation and to the establishment in Australia of the Specialty of Rehabilitation Medicine. As IAHPR was established to enhance relationships with allied health and nursing professionals, a lecture given by an Allied Health Professional or Registered Nurse of eminence in research relevant to rehabilitation is seen by RMSANZ as a celebration of a key historical milestone in the professional development of Rehabilitation Physicians. The medal was awarded to Dr. Kate Laver in 2019.
Garry Pearce Lecture: The Garry Pearce Lecture has been established by RMSANZ to honour Dr. Garry Pearce. It commemorates the extensive contributions of Dr. Pearce to the medical specialty of Rehabilitation Medicine in Australia and internationally. Dr. Pearce provided clinical services, leadership, and research and education across multiple areas. These included neurological disability (particularly multiple sclerosis), outcome measurement and clinical audit (through the development of the Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC), presidency and other roles of the Australian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, and research and clinical practice in occupational rehabilitation. The lecture also commemorates Dr. Pearce’s personal qualities, interpersonal skills, and collegial approach to clinical practice. The medal was awarded to Dr. Mark Bayley in 2019